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Client: DB

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Do you ever go somewhere and just feel like it’s a happy place? I do, here, and it is...

Yes - help was needed (and also furniture, cushions, curtains, candles….. etc……etc) but for whatever reason, it felt like the building already knew where it was headed, it just needed a push to get it over the line.

Interestingly with this one all walls are white and rare for me but they stayed white, they were happy to be white and I don’t always see the need to change it if it works. The beauty of the white meant an old house already had a modern outlook so everything was chosen to blend the old and new. I kept some of the history in the soft tweeds and rustic woods, then added bold pattern in the accessories.

Gallery style walls call for art, lots of it, and most of the pieces were commissioned for the space using photos that were important to the client. Oversized sofas in soft wools and linens sit quite contentedly with modern iron tables and vast rugs. It’s all in the blend with this one.

It always was a happy place, but now it’s starting become a happy home and I look forward to continuing to visit my new old friend and helping it to be the best that it can be.