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I heart Manchester

Islington Wharf Locks, Manchester
Client: Muse

Islington Wharf Locks is a brilliant development in Manchester city centre, one that I’ve been fortunate enough to work on for a number of years. It began as apartments and has grown and grown, the Mews Houses are the newest additions to the IW family. 

This one was slightly different because I not only worked with the client, but also their marketing agency, a great way to do it as it turns out because their vision was clear and strong, the brief was set, even the colours were chosen prior to any design from me. It all felt cohesive from the outset and it gave the space a definite personality from the start to the end.

In case you hadn’t noticed the brief was…..

Eclectic. Music. Design. Hipster.

Oh and Bees, absolutely Bees. All about the Bees.