Danish Brave

Private Home, Harrogate
Client: L&P

These guys have the most beautiful house in the most amazing setting. They knew what they liked and how they wanted to live, they just couldn’t picture it as a whole.

When we first met they had a short list of the furniture they wanted, they didn’t quite have the conviction in themselves to push the button and place the orders. We looked at other options, other fabrics, other suppliers and gradually we pulled together the list of the priority furniture.

Intensely patterned wallpapers and accessories followed, building and layering with the strength of the furniture. Bold strong shapes, rich bright colours, all of which were a perfect contrast to the grey floors and white walls throughout.

We’re not done yet, we still meet up and chat about new hunting challenges. Rugs, architectural floor lamps and soft cushions are next on the list and that’s OK, there’s no rush, it’s a home and it’s evolving with their lives.

They would never admit it, but they are Danish Brave through and through and their home is a gorgeous happy testament to that.